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Allison S. Tabor, CPC
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Less Costly Mistakes

DISC in Hiring Helped Save CEO from a $30K Mistake

Fortune 500 Companies in 90 countries in 40 languages use and benefit from the power of DISC Communication tools.

Communication assessments are highly effective as a hiring tool as well as in assisting individuals and teams to improve their communication and performance. Recently, one of my clients, a CEO of an Engineering Company was about to hire a key Sales Manager to lead the company into a new territory. Since the CEO had introductory DISC training during a company workshop, he thought that that he could reasonably interpret DISC reports on his own.

He was about to hire a candidate, which would cost $30k in a finder’s fee to a staffing agency. At first the CEO was excited, as the candidate appeared to have a certain communication style that is highly desirable in Sales.

However, when he invited me to help him interpret the report, there was key additional information that he hadn’t considered. In addition to communication styles, it is important to consider the candidate’s primary motivators. As it turned out, the employee’s top three motivators were inconsistent with those of most successful sales people. As a matter of fact, 73% of the nation’s top salespeople are reported to have a certain motivator in their top three; for his candidate, it was his number five motivator. There were other aspects of the report that were also insightful and influenced the final decision.

My client revisited his decision and emailed me a week later, thanking me for helping save him from making a $30k hiring mistake. Rather than suggesting what to do, I provided him with an experienced professional interpretation of reliable data that helped him make his own decision.

This situation underscored the importance of having qualified professional assistance when interpreting DISC reports.

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