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Business Partner Pitfalls

Business Partner Pitfalls

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs consider having a business partner. Lessons learned by my clients and colleagues led to my sharing these important considerations with you.

Are You Committed?

Are You Committed To What You Say You Want?

You may say that you want things, but are you really committed? It is not uncommon to want something, but just how committed are you to making it happen? And if you are committed, do you have the discipline needed?

What Did You Do?

What Did You Do?!

The context in which I ask this question is to cause you to take a celebratory look back at what you have accomplished.

Hands together

Breakthrough to Conflict Resolution

Are you facing workplace challenges? How are you and your team dealing with conflict and change? Perhaps you may benefit from learning valuable insights and strategies for adapting and communicating more effectively with others during times of conflict or change.

Are You Leading With Your Why...?

Are you Leading with your WHY, rather than what or how?

As our featured presenter during our recent Women President’s Organization (WPO) Regional Event in San Francisco, Julie Hanna shared her insights as to what she believes sets Silicon Valley businesses apart from other businesses around the Bay Area and the world.